What is Freesat?

Freesat was launched in the UK in May 2008.

Freesat is a joint venture between ITV and BBC. The service offers over 80+ TV and Radio channels subscription free. Freesat is also broadcast in two standards, HD Freesat and SD Freesat.

All you need to get Freesat is a Freesat Box or TV with Freesat built in which is avaialable from Panasonic freesat.

Freesat Channels

Whats on Freesat

You can see a Freesat Channels list by clicking here.

Currently there are 80+ channels on Freesat which are made up of both TV and Radio channels. These include channel 4, ITV, E4, More 4, ITV2, ITV3, BBC, BBC3, BBC News...

Currently Five, Fiver and Five US are not on Freesat, they are expected to be added soon however.

Freesat is also offering HD content. Currently both BBC HD and ITV HD are available on Freesat and we must say that it does look absolutely fantastic.

How Do I Get Freesat?

To get Freesat you need to either buy:

Currently Panasonic are the only manufacturers currently offering TV's with Freesat built in.

Along with your Freesat Box you will need to have a satellite dish installed unless you have a SKY Digital Dish already. Freesat Installation information click here...

Freesat Box

Which Freesat Boxes Are Currently Available?

Currently there are a limited number of Freesat Boxes available to buy. We have however listed below the full Freesat Box list:

Freesat TV's

Which TV's Have Freesat Built In?

Currently only Panasonic are offering TV's with Freesat Built in, this is known as the G10B range, the models currently available are:

Humax Foxsat HD Freesat Box | Goodmans GFSAT200HD | Grundig GUFSAT01HD | Bush BFSAT01HD | Freesat Installation | HD Freesat | Freesat

May 20, 2018
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